Blogging the EASY way, posting the QUICK way, Newsletters the FUN way!

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Do you have "social media envy" where you see other therapists making social media work for them, and you wonder how you can do the same? I can attest that social media is a POWERFUL tool to boost your visibility and stay on the radar of current, past, or potential clients. It's also a GREAT and CHEAP way to potentially get the attention of local media, get more traffic to your website, and increase your overall professional image.

The good news is that social media is probably MUCH easier and MORE FUN than you think. This is especially true if you have a guide to show you the ropes, and a small group to tackle the project with you.

Many therapists want:

  • Help writing blogs that ATTRACT CLIENTS
  • A little hand-holding with starting a newsletter and/or social media accounts
  • Easy tracker tools to ensure your blogs get MAXIMUM exposure
  • Simple ways to create gorgeous graphics (REALLY simple-- like 5 mins!)

I'm here to help!

I held a 3-hour workshop and although the workshop date of Saturday, July 27th has passed, it was a great success and we are please to offer a recording with full audio-video and the helpful documents included in the original workshop for just $49 where I will be discussing all of these things. The workshop will include:

  • Some of my favorite tips, with opportunities for you to jump in and say "Yes, Chloe that SOUNDS fine but here's where I get stuck...." and let me problem-solve with you right there on the spot
  • Activities we'll do TOGETHER so that you'll actually generate some blog outlines, action-lists, and sample posts
  • How to make a "prototype" or avatar of the type of client you want to attract so that you can really "get inside their head" and create content that will WORK for you while you SLEEP (that's the beauty of social media and blogs... once you make them, they are online working for you 24/7!:)
  • Copies of handy online docs I use for my social media calendar and my blog-postings tracker
  • At least one social media EXPERT will visit us live to give more tips on how to make social media work for you
  • The skinny on social media coaches, ghostwriters, etc
  • Optional "Accountability partner" pairing so that after the workshop you can have a social media buddy to help you stay on track and keep things FUN! 🙂

Many therapists don't realize that they have an ADVANTAGE at social media because they are GOOD at thinking about PEOPLE, they are good with WORDS, and they like to CONNECT with others... so let's get together and claim YOUR spot in the social media world!


Dr. Chloe
Founder, Profitable Practices

Social Media 101 Workshop for Therapists

Do you know anyone who wants to build or grow their social media presence? Invite them now!

Check the workshop guide below

Topic Time discussed:
The Benefits of Social Media 0:17:55
Identifying Platforms 0:54:48
Hashtag Usage 0:12:00
Personal to Business Profiles 0:54:55
4 Types of Social Media Post 1:01:23
Blog Generation Ideas 1:03:07
Promoting Your Social Media Post – Defining Your Interest 1:08:54
How to ‘Court’ The Media 1:16:41
How to Promote to The Media 1:13:27
Automating Your Social Media 1:05:26
How to Expand Your Network by Expanding Your Identity 1:29:48
Ways to Expand Your Target Market 1:19:02
How to Take a Personal Photo and Engage Your Professional Audience 1:21:38
Newsletters & Email – Who is Your Audience 2:33:42
Writing a Blog 1:37:03
Using a Blog Service 1:51:23
Blogging – Best Practices 2:00:06
Blog Structure 2:01:26
Brainstorming – Topics to Consider 2:14:50
Sample Content Calendar – to Get Your Juices Flowing 2:14:28
How to Create Your Client Prototype 2:42:17
Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media 2:57:48


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