Talking to Journalists: A new workshop with Dr. Chloe


Do you do interviews with journalists and wonder why they don't use your quotes?

Are you getting more interview requests than normal, and feel a little intimidated by the process?

Are you looking to sharpen your interview skills so you can increase the amount of interviews you do with journalists?


If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, then this workshop is right for you!

Join Dr. Chloe for an in depth workshop on how to talk to journalists so they will listen. As a part of this workshop, you will receive:

  • an hour long recording of Dr. Chloe being interviewed by journalist Rhea Cartwright, who quoted her in Vogue
  • an invitation to a live talk and Q&A session with Dr. Chloe
  • the opportunity to practice your interview skills live, be quoted in another therapist's post, and grow your online exposure

After this workshop, you'll feel more confident and composed in your interviews, and know the right things to say so a journalist will really listen.
Click below to register!

The workshop will be held on April 27th at 1 pm EST. If you cannot attend live but would still like to register, a recording of the workshop will be emailed to you.

Secure your Spot

Secure your spot in Dr. Chloe's talking to journalists workshop now! There is FREE admittance to this workshop for anyone who has purchased Dr. Chloe's upcoming book, Nervous Energy: Harness the Power of Your Anxiety. Click below to claim your spot, and someone will reach out to you to ask for proof of purchase.

If you'd rather purchase admission to the workshop directly, you can secure your spot for $99.

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