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All-in-one option for scheduling, billing, and video sessions!

This is a great program that offers online appointment scheduling, EHR, and the ability to run credits card, send appointment reminders and file insurance claims, as well as doing clinical notes all in one software program. It's a really great program.


Convenient way to check clients insurance benefits, online and quickly. So that you can help them move forward with their decision to come to your practice.


This is a very strong and robust video conferencing tool and they do offer HIPAA compliance if you request a business associate agreement.

TherapySites is the all-in-one marketing solution for mental health professionals. From websites to social media, we provide everything you need to attract new clients in one easy online package.

If you’re ready to increase appointments and maximize revenue, then now’s the time to act. We’re offering one month of free website hosting. Just use promo code DRCHLOE.

This is a fantastic way for therapists to very quickly and easily get a website going. One of the things many people like about therapysites is that it also does offer video therapy sessions that you can do with clients right through therapysites and that they also do have online booking available as well and online calendar system. Another nice thing about therapysites is that they give you a library of appropriate content for your website so that you don't have to start completely from scratch. They have a library of images as well as text content that you can use on your website which is great.


Is another fantastic online scheduling platform made for therapists


This is an online booking system known for it's aesthetically beautiful interface. The beautiful interface have been known to encourage client booking.

Website Development


Is good way to double check the speed of your website periodically to make sure it's not slowing down.


They make fantastic customized website and in fact they made the very website that you're looking at right now.


A free and robust tool to understand your website data.


If you are selling any product online and interested in giving commissions to people that help you get sales for you by posting links to your blogs then this is a plugin for you. If you're interested on making money by posting links to blogs, then please check our affiliate program.


(Social Media, Blogs, Newsletters)


Fantastic service for people that understand the power of blogging but either don't have time to blog or think they don't have ideas to blog, phoneBlogger will spend time with you on the phone to get a sense of what kind of topics you could blog about that is most marketable for your area and they will write the blogs for you with approval and your ability to edit. They will even post it for you and create social media if you wish.


Hands down the easiest way to start a newsletter. Constant Contact is very straightforward and has everything you need if your goal is to start a simple straightforward newsletter. And their phone support is support nice and will gladly spend all the time you need with any hand-holding as you get started.



If you are interested to learn, you can become an APA member even if you're not a psychologist. People with at least a master's degree in a psychology related field are eligable for membership.

Payment Setup

Make it easy for clients to pay by taking credit cards!

Merchant bank for credit cards.  Ben will be happy to set you up with a new account, or check your current plan to see if he can offer you a better deal!

Virtual Assistant

A FREE 14-day trial PLUS a $100 gift card with new signups

Ruby Receptionists is offering a special benefit to our members: a FREE 14-day trial PLUS a $100 gift card with new signups. Ruby Receptionists is GREAT because they offer a "pay by the call" pricing program so that even if you're a small practice, you can have a nice person answer your phone when you're not available. One of the biggest ways I see therapists lose clients is by not answering the phone, which ironically happens more often as we get a little busy-- so just when you're starting to get busy with clients, you are suddenly too busy to book more clients and get REALLY full to the point where you can EASILY raise your fees... a receptionist will solve this problem for you, plus they make you look more professional. If you're curious to see how they can help, a free 14-day trial should help make it easy to find out.
To learn more about Ruby Receptionists, click the button below.

Student Loan Refinancing

A super quick and easy way to save THOUSANDS of dollars is to take advantage of historically low interest rates! Just a few clicks and you could refinance your student loans WAY down. Why not give it a try?

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