No idea how to profit from your practice?
Hear what Dr. Chloe has to say.
Dr. Chloe Carmichael started her practice in 2012, just days after getting her license. Within a month, she shocked her employer and quit her day job because her private practice was equaling her corporate salary. From there, she grew very quickly, and now employs multiple other therapists to keep up with the volume of client inquiries.
She is regularly featured in national television media and contributes regularly to U.S. World News, Forbes, Huffington Post, and other media. Her practice now grosses over a million dollars per year. 

This is all very nice, but what does it mean for you? The good news is that Dr. Chloe is now launching a program to teach therapists how to build a profitable practice. Now therapists and life coaches all over the world can learn how Dr. Chloe built such an extremely succesful practice in a very short period of time.
It’s the one thing not taught in graduate school - how to build a profitable practice. Especially, how to build a profitable that is full of high functioning, intelligent, employed, motivated adults who are willing and able to pay your private practice fees. If you want to work with emotionally mature, stable adults then this is the course for you.
Many therapists would love to limit their practice this way, but just don't know how to fill their practice unless they are willing to see "almost anyone" since nobody ever taught them specifically how to attract, book and retain high functioning clients - until now.
Get access to Dr. Chloe’s 10 Video-Based On-Demand Modules on how to build a successful practice with high functioning clients.
  Each week, you get a new module sent so you can learn on your own time. No worrying for you about “missing class” or  “finding time”, and you won't be overwhelmed with too many modules at once! Dr. Chloe provides just the right amount of structure.
  Each module comes with specific homework and online worksheets you can complete to give you structure. Dr. Chloe will have all of your completed worksheets ready for review if you wish during open group discussion each week. This helps you feel supported and accountable, just the way your clients like to feel! Dr. Chloe is here to help keep you focused, on track, and progressing at whatever pace is good for you.
  You can replay any video as often as you want during your 3-month membership.
  You'll also get a thirty-minute 100% confidential consultation personally with Dr. Chloe to focus on anything you want.
  Plus, join the LIVE Q+A every week to review homework from modules, voice any challenges, ask questions, and learn from a group of like-minded clinicians ready to grow a profitable practice.
  Join now so you can expand your knowledge, build your network, bounce ideas, easily submit assignments, share successes, and gain empowerment as you learn these crucial skills.
How to Get Clients
Even if you're just trying to get your first client, this module will help you learn how to master the art of getting clients...
Set the Stage for Success
If you want to work with high functioning, intelligent clients who can afford to visit a private practice then you need to make sure your space is set up right...
Create an Organized Infrastructure
Have you ever wondered how to handle things like billing and reception? Would you like to have those professional services but you're not sure how to afford them?
Customer Service for Private Pay Clientele
When it comes to choosing a therapist, high functioning clients have more choices than ever before-- how will you stand out? 
Handling "Picky But Profitable" Clients
High functioning clients can be picky and being picky isn't always a bad thing-- you probably know this intuitively because you're a high functioning person yourself! 
Overcoming Isolation
The goal of this series is to get as many private pay full fee high functioning clients you want...
Using Social Media and Major Media
Dr. Chloe Carmichael, who has appeared on FOX, CBS, VH1, Huffington Post, and an extensive list of other media, did not even have a personal Facebook page when she started her practice!
Self-improvement Through Ongoing Education
What are the things you can do as a therapist to keep making yourself more attractive to high functioning clients? 
Using Your Network
You have probably heard that networking is the key to success. Dr. Chloe has used networking to grow her practice and now she is going to teach you how to do this too!
Many clinicians or coaches with excellent skills struggle to get full fee, private pay clients. Why? Because they're unaware of how their social signals are getting in the way...
As a member of Profitable Practices, you'll get a 30-minute individual call with Dr. Chloe, PLUS a weekly 1-hour call where you can:
Brainstorm ideas on how to get clients.
Get candid feedback on your website, online profile, and other promotional materials.
Discuss how to elevate and broadcast your professional image using the media.
Discuss how to handle situations like late cancellations or late arrivals, and other areas where business and therapy can pose private practice challenges.
Inclusion on a list of consultation club members that Dr. Chloe shares with clients who are seeking a referral outside of her office. Inclusion on this list lets the world know you're a therapist who invests in herself (or himself) for ongoing professional development. Moreover, many clients that Dr. Chloe needs to refer out due to reasons of schedule, budget, location or other factors prefer to see a therapist or coach who is in consultation with Dr. Chloe, since it helps them feel they're likely to get someone who shares her approach.
Give Yourself an
Profitable Practices is great for therapists or life coaches who are new in practice and want a "running start" as well as for seasoned clinicians who want to take their practice to the next level with the supportive yet candid feedback for which Dr. Chloe is well known worldwide.
Should I Spend the
"Should I spend the money?" It is understandable that you want to make sure you're spending your hard earned money wisely. Rest assured, ProfitablePractices is definitely a wise investment - Dr. Chloe founded her own practice 5 years ago from nothing, and is now sharing her secrets of how she built it into a practice that grosses over $1 million dollars every single year. You've invested so much time, effort, and money into your training - it would be a shame not to give yourself the final course you need, which is how to actually get full fee high functioning clients in your private practice--
clients in your private practice-- the one thing they don’t teach you in graduate school. Think about it- if you get even one client (and you’re likely to get MANY more if you do the steps in ProfitablePractices) from this course, this course will pay for itself. Every week that passes without extra clients in your practice is a week you’re actually missing out on the opportunity to earn the income you deserve - so make the decision to jumpstart your practice today so you can increase your income and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve!
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