Reception Email Templates

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A packet of all the email templates my reception team uses for common client correspondences which includes:

1. Client Inquiries
      1.1 Coaching Session Inquiry – Not in Licensed Area
      1.2 Client Inquiry – Refer Out
      1.3 Client Inquiry – Wants In-Network Referrals
      1.4 Coaching Fees
      1.5 Inquiring for Friend/Family Member
      1.6 New Client from PT, Difficulty with Out-Of-Network Rates
      1.7 New Inquiry, Insurance Known
      1.8 New Inquiry, Insurance Unknown
      1.9 Follow-up to Client who made a profile in Appointment Software but did not book an appointment
      1.10 Unresponsive – Follow-up for Insurance Info
      1.11 Can’t Afford
      1.12 Can’t Afford – with Referrals
      1.13 Unresponsive – Follow-up on Quote
      1.14 New Inquiry – Group Therapy, Insurance Unknown
      1.15 New Inquiry – Group Therapy, Insurance Known

2. Insurance Quotes
      2.1 Insurance Coverage with Associate
      2.2 Insurance Coverage with Dr. Chloe
      2.3 Insurance Quote – Met All Deductible & Out-Of-Pocket Max
      2.4 No Out-Of-Network Benefits
      2.5 Quote for Services – No Insurance
      2.6 Unable to verify Coverage online
      2.7 Need photo of Insurance Card
      2.8 Insurance Coverage for Group
      2.9 Deductible Met but Not the Out-Of-Pocket
      2.10 Low Allowable with Associate
      2.11 Low Allowable with Dr. Chloe
      2.12 Special template for BCBS/Beacon Insurance Coverage
      2.13 Special template for GHI Insurance Coverage
      2.14 Special template for Optum/Beacon Insurance Coverage
      2.15 Special template for 1199: Initial vs Succeeding Sessions Coverage
      2.16 Special template for 1199 With Out-Of-Network Benefits, Unsure of Reimbursement

3. Newbies: New Client Session OR 15-min consult
      3.1 15-min Consult with Associate
      3.2 15-min Consult with Dr. Chloe
      3.3 New Client Session with Associate
      3.4 New Client Session with Dr. Chloe
      3.5 Non Confirmation – Canceled Session/Consult
      3.6 Recommendation After 15-min Consult      
      3.7 Thanking for Confirmation of 5pts & fees
4. Late Arrivals, Late Cancels, No Shows
      4.1 Charge Late Arrival
      4.2 Charged for Late Cancellations/No Shows
      4.3 Late Arrival Accommodated
      4.4 No Show – After Session
      4.5 No Show – During Session
      4.6 Offering a Phone Session for Late Clients
      4.7 Late Arrival – only seen for ____ minutes
      4.8 Waived Late Cancellations/No Shows
      4.9 Bump Up Waiver/Special Exception Waiver (Next waiver is within 30 days or less)
      4.10 Client Missed 15-min Consult
      4.11 Client No Show and wants to reschedule- Missing Credit Card Authorization
5. Active Clients: Common Communications
      5.1 Zoom Appointment
      5.2 Sending Documents and Forms to Clients
      5.3 Reminder for Forms
      5.4 Booking with a Guest Therapist
      5.5 Early “Drifters” Reach Out
      5.6 Case/Chart Closure email for Non-communicative Clients
      5.7 First time sending a Password Protected Document
      5.8 Excessive Cancellations for Standing Appointments
      5.9 Schedule Next Visit and Offer Standing
      5.10 Waitlist or Recent Cancellation Opening
      5.11 Standing Appointment Reservation
      5.12 Move Session by 5-min
      5.13 Clarification on Charges or Insurance Allowable       
      5.14 Bi-Weekly Session
      5.15 Continuity of Care (Approval needed)       
      5.16 Client Discontinuing, Offer a call
      5.17 Increase to Coinsurance
      5.18 Telemed Visit Denied
6.Holiday/Special Event Notice
      6.1 Cancel Session due to Holiday
      6.2 Confirm Session for day before Holiday
      6.3 Confirming the Office is Open for Holiday
      6.4 Deductible Resetting for New Year




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