Group Coaching Call Recordings

April 30, 2018

– Reach out to referral sources who have referred to you before, and let them know you now have some openings!
– Reach out to clinicians with whom you have consulted on shared clients, and let them know you have openings; and tell them about OTHER types of clients you treat. For example, if you consulted with a psychiatrist in the past about a shared client with depression, feel free to tell them you also work with couples/ anxiety/ career issues.
– Find physicians nearby your office, and offer to visit their office. Build a relationship with them via regular “Total Office Calls”. Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, even general providers can be great choices!
– Find positive language to explain how you work with insurance and make it easy for clients to get their benefits, even if you’re out of network
– Whenever you talk to any referral sources, ask them if you can add them to your newsletter. If you don’t have a newsletter, START ONE and use it as an excuse to reach out to every referral source you can think of just to ask them if you can add them to the newsletter, and then also mention that you’re expanding and have some openings
– Consider using a biller so you look more professional and have more time for clients; and to get clients comfortable with higher fees since reimbursements are a breeze:)
– How to arrange office space that projects an understanding of social convention and conveys warmth while still having a professional tone
– How to navigate conversations about fees
– How to create a good credit card billing agreement for open authorization of charges

May 7, 2018

On this call, we celebrated some great victories, discussed strategies to grow mailing lists and referral sources, and looked at each other’s profiles to share feedback.

May 21, 2018

Wonderful call! We covered how to handle pushy billers who act like they’re doing you a favor by doing your billing. We also delved into how to get the most out of any podcasts or other media appearances (transcripts! and how to get them affordably!) as well as how to break into getting quoted by distinguished news sources.

June 11, 2018

Discussed use of Zoom or Skype for telemental health sessions. The video platform needs to be HIPAA compliant, including a signed BAA from the company. Be sure to check with an attorney and your state to ensure legal and ethical compliance.

Discussed pay-per-click advertising. Link these ads to the page on your website that describes this service. See Dr. Chloe's article at US News and World Report- “How to Choose an Online Therapist.”

Blogs and articles that you write on your website can help get you noticed by prospective clients as well as by news outlets. Podcasts can also help. Consider how your topics can attract your ideal clients.

Participants asked how Dr. Chloe got started with television appearances. Factors that helped were: (1) previous acting training, (2) posting a professional photo online, and (3) writing articles that she posted online. Your writing shows that you have the ability to communicate succinctly.

Participants reviewed and critiqued their elevator pitches. They then outlined their goals for the next 1-2 years. Discussed some ways the participants can hone the way they describe their services to referral sources in order to retain current referral sources while shifting their private practices to serving more high-functioning clients.

June 18, 2018

Discussed getting started with attracting private pay clients-

Make sure you have a Psychology Today profile with affluent nearby zip codes selected. Also be sure you have your own website. Start a blog on your site that is pertinent to your ideal client and their demographics. Be sure to include terms that people are searching for online.

You can have separate blogs or pages that only show up organically in a web search but that are not visible in your site navigation, if you want. While you should host your blog on your own website, you should also repost your blog entries on blogging sites such as and link to them on LinkedIn. Have a large “Book Now” button on your site that links to an online calendar for people to sign up for a free initial 15 minute consultation with you. Put a link to your site on your Psychology Today profile and also give it to potential clients and referral sources.

You can host open houses to bring people together and let them know who you are and what you offer, and let them meet others who have the same concerns. When people come, ask for permission to add them to your mailing list.

Discussed some aspects of the Profitable Practices program, including videos viewed, logging into the site, and listening to the audio portion of the videos while driving.

July 9, 2018

A participant reported a success. She gave a talk about the benefits of psychotherapy, with a few tips for maintaining good mental health, that was videotaped by a friend. She brought branded materials for promoting her practice with her to the talk. Dr. Chloe recommended that in addition to posting the video on her website, that she also: (1) Start a YouTube channel and post the video there, and videotape herself addressing some frequently asked questions for her website. You can get video editing through a site like or through referrals through your network.

One participant asked about coaching certifications. Though this is not legal advice, coaching can open up opportunities for out-of state work. Make it very clear that the service is coaching, not therapy, and ensure that the potential client is a suitable for coaching and does not need psychotherapy.

Keep a list of professionals you can refer people to, who you cannot accept as clients. Remember that when you refer to other professionals, they will also refer to you.

It is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the tasks you would you like to do to promote your practice. Be sure to make your “easy list” and your “hard list” to keep track of tasks, and then methodically tackle your list items one thing at a time to avoid overwhelm.

Discussed voicemail messages. Be sure to keep your message upbeat and focused on the caller. Also discussed some matters of housekeeping regarding the group calls.

July 17, 2018

The person on today's call is preparing to start a podcast. Discussed some relevant aspects of that. Also discussed the idea of him submitting a book proposal for a previously-written manuscript that was never published. PESI ( is a company that publishes psychology-oriented books, and there are others as well. Work you created years ago could be worth gold now! Putting materials out there for the public in one format can help give you credibility for other projects.

Discussed practice-building for this person. It was suggested that he may want to go off of some insurance panels so that he is permitted to see people with these insurances on a self-pay basis out of network. You can easily submit the electronic claims for the client, and then bill the client for the difference. Be sure to have a policy that the client pays for no-shows because you are reserving your time for them, and include this in your initial paperwork.

Also discussed how to optimize Psychology Today profiles.  

November 14, 2018

During this call, time was spent addressing each of the participants goals for starting or growing their practice. One participant is trying to transition from a career as a couples therapist to doing couples coaching and women's retreats, with a focus on internet-based work and retreats in other countries. Another participant works with underserved populations in a nonprofit setting and wants to be able to make it profitable. The next participant wants to raise her hourly fee and increase the percentage of self-pay clients in her practice. The discussion addressed her fears regarding raising her fees. The final participant recently moved to a new area and is unsure of the market for psychotherapy in her new location.

December 11, 2018

On this call, we talked about the pros of having phone/video option for sessions, concerns about insurances, tips after moving to another place, reaching out/socializing to peers, dips on clients, and newsletter on constant contacts.

January 10, 2019

If you have thought about increasing your clientele or adding video therapy, this call with Dr.
Chloe and the group cover that and more.

  • Starting over – Moving to a new city
  • A smart way to find more clients
  • What to do until you get to the ideal clients
  • Staying on the radar of and thanking referral sources
  • Adding video therapy to your practice
  • Appropriateness of Domain names
  • Billing issues/Using a Billing Services
  • Feelings of Isolation as a Sole Practitioner
  • Google Reviews, Website Testimonials, Confidentiality, and Influence

February 13, 2019

Listen in as Dr. Chloe and the group discuss websites, social media, and expansion

  • The time and thought that goes into a good website
  • Testing website speed
  • Using Meta tags and Meta descriptions
  • What is Facebook pixel code and google ads tracking
  • Effectively and efficiently using social media marketing
  • Staying connected to other professionals that are good referral sources
  • Nurturing & Maintaining referral relationships
  • Tracking referrals and points of contact
  • Private practice multiple offices
  • One man show or Expanding practice

March 13, 2019

This call is very informative. If you are looking to grow your practice, move your practice, or go out on your own, this call has wonderful content. Dr. Chloe and the participants discuss:

  • Going out on your own – Finding a location (Regis,,
  • Moving from a Group Practice to Private Practice
  • Expanding Your Current Practice
  • Starting a Small Practice – The business side of your practice
  • Finding A Lawyer that Specializes in mental health practices
  • Relocating a Practice and Starting Over
  • Video therapy – Telehealth
  • Practice Calls before the actual Video visit – Screening and Safety
  • Whether to accept insurance – Insurance Panels, Private Pay or a Combination
  • How to fill up with Private Pay clients - referrals
  • Testing the market with Psychology Today
  • Creating Your Newsletter and How Collecting Demographic information is helpful
  • Marketing Support – Hootsuite, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Facebook Pixel

April 10, 2019

Due to a technical glitch, the call wasn't recorded. We apologize for the inconvenience!

May 8, 2019

This well-rounded call gives you some marketing ideas and tips about getting your network to know who you are. It will keep you engaged to the very end. Listen in as Dr. Chloe and the group discuss:

  • How a participant created an opportunity to partner with medical professionals
  • Offering workshops to medical groups to grow your practice
  • How having a Party can create referral relationships
  • Recommendations on getting exposure in your network
  • Building your mailing list through exposure
  • Building a Practice: From Professor to Private Practitioner
  • Creating a Practice Announcement
  • Remaining engaged with your network with Constant Contact or MailChimp
  • Multiple locations – A therapist with multiple locations questions whether maintaining both locations makes sense
  • Groups – demographics, what is and is not working, open or closed groups, length of time commitment, and pricing.

June 12, 2019

Listen in as Dr. Chloe and the group talk about:

  • Client payments
  • Payment methods
  • Shopping rates
  • Starting your social media
  • Reasons for social media reluctance
  • Follow-up calls
  • Leaving messages
  • How to avoid phone tag

As you listen, don’t hesitate to send in your questions for Dr. Chloe.

July 10, 2019

Dr. Chloe and the group dive into subjects that prove to be just in time for the seasoned and the novice practitioner. Listen as they discuss:

  • The Elevator Pitch
  • Networking
  • Overcoming Feelings of Inadequacy
  • What does High Functioning mean
  • Balancing Insecurities
  • Being Open with Clients
  • Getting Feedback from Clients
  • Picking up at the Next Session

Don’t forget to sign up for Dr. Chloe’s Social Media Workshop on July 27th at 12:30

August 14, 2019

Dr. Chloe and the group explore several topics that can set you on the right track to grow your profitable practice. Press play to listen to their conversation:

  • Growing Your Newsletter List
  • Targeting Your Ideal Client
  • Website Structuring and Content
  • Coaching vs Psychotherapy
  • Hiring Other Practitioners
  • Responding to “Why Don’t You Take Insurance?”
  • Start-Up Issues for New Private Practice Practitioners

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to send them to Dr. Chloe.




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