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Video Course

Practice Growth Training

10 video training modules that cover everything you need to know and do to grow your practice.




Therapy Techniques Training

A 3-hour Nervous Energy Techniques Workshop for therapists and coaches.




Profitable Practices Training

12 documents I created for my practice to help manage day to day operations easily and efficiently!


Profits in Action

Having a successful and sustainable practice empowers you to provide low-fee or pro bono services within your community as part of your commitment to helping underserved populations. You can feel empowered to have a profitable practice knowing that it only increases your resources to help others.

What People are Saying


“My practice is growing thanks to YOUR video course. The principles on charging for late cancellations were especially insightful and helpful.”

Joseph Sacks, LCSW

“This video series is incredibly meaty and full of good information. It’s like you have a good friend who is telling you everything you need to know about how to get clients and have a successful practice. It’s a solid course, plus it’s fun to watch!”

Dr. Judith Zackson, PhD
Group Practice Owner

“I’ve implemented 11 action items from your course— and I’m only on module 2! It’s been a valuable resource for me. Thank you! ”

Laurie Phuong Ertley, MFT

“Thank you Dr. Chloe. It was a wealth of knowledge and a great experience to join the group coaching call.”

Preeti Presswala-Shah, LMFT
San Diego, California
As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

"Just wanted to thank you for the invaluable advice in your program. I really took the lessons to heart, and I am now booked at least a month in advance-- and that's after raising my fees to appropriate levels that truly reflect my expertise, thanks to your advice. I've found that it's not only good for me, it's actually good for my clients as well if I'm practicing good self-care in every regard. Thanks again for one of the most enlightening therapy office programs I have ever come across!"

Dr. Kenneth Grossman, PhD

"Hi Dr. Chloe, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you.

I heard you on two webinars for therapy sites a while back and was impressed with what I heard and decided to purchase your course. I'm familiar with a lot of the so-called coaches and consultants out there and have been mostly disappointed with the quality of info they ultimately deliver once you get past the "freebies." 
However, I've been more than impressed so far with the information, concepts, and ideas in Profitable Practices. I appreciate your approach to private practice. I come from a corporate background so naturally a lot of what you share really resonates with me. I hope you continue to develop this approach and grow it."

“Thank you, Chloe! Since starting your videos, I have: moved to a new office; done a newsletter announcement of a 15% fee increase to occur 3 months from now; begun offering online sessions (I’ve completed two already!); organized talks to give in my community; and tried to change my attitude a bit to be more open with people! I don’t know where you get your energy, but I love that you’re willing to share it with others! This is a great value for me.”

Dr. Elena De Franceschi

“Been in private practice for about 2 years now, and I am really enjoying the material. It has been a great catalyst to take my practice to the next level.”

Dr. Kevin Kilcawley, PsyD

“I just want to thank you for sharing all of this knowledge on building a private practice. I’ve never known a colleague that was so generous in sharing this type of specific information on how to really get a practice started, especially a strong profitable practice. In graduate school, this was just not something that was taught. I really appreciate all that you’re sharing here!”

Dr. Natasha Manning, PhD
As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

“A must have resource for a therapist. Dr. Chloe's tried and true tools for effective client communications and office management will enrich an established practice or set up for success a beginning professional.”

Yulia Brockdorf, RD, LD, CDE, CST, NCC, LPC, BC-ADM

I was on the call and did not get a chance to say hello. Want you to know I enjoyed the abundance of information and conversation.

Patty Murray

"We have been working with Dr. Chloe for several years now. We always get such great reviews on Dr. Chloe's talks-- attendees definitely find them helpful. Her workshops are well-structured, high energy, and full of practical strategies for therapists in private practice."

Denise Marshall
Business Development Manager,

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