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Today’s dating scene can be very challenging for singles who are seeking a traditional, long term relationship. The lack of structure and constantly changing social norms make it hard to tell who shares your wish for a conventional relationship, and who could potentially wreak havoc with your heart . The “10 Commandments” below are here to help you approach dating in a steady, measured way that lets you get to know people before getting too vulnerable. Although we’re calling them commandments, think of them more guidelines- of course we all know someone who has met their life partner and slept with them on the first date, and 20 years later they’re still happily married. But more often than not, clients come to me because they are struggling to set healthy boundaries in today’s complicated dating world. The guidelines below are to help you think about what’s best for you, and maybe try something different if you haven’t yet had that “hooray moment” of finding your life partner using your current techniques.


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Dr. Chloe Carmichael, PhD is a clinical psychologist on Park Avenue in New York City. She has extensive experience working with Fortune 500 executives. In this video, Dr. Chloe explains how to navigate a performance review so you can get the most out of it, while also managing nerves. Turn what is often a stressful experience into an experience of growth and upward mobility in your career!


How to fill your practice with abundance.

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Dr. Chloe is a clinical psychologist who works with many entrepreneurs, and she is also a successful entrepreneur herself. This one-hour video includes her tips for entrepreneurs from a psychology standpoint, as well as from her own personal experience. Topics include staying motivated, using an assistant effectively, managing setbacks, not taking challenges too personally while still connecting with your business on a personal level, successfully navigating family dynamics in entrepreneurship, and the process of sorting through potential business coaches and therapists. This video contains information that may feel junior to very advanced entrepreneurs (especially the section on executive assistants), but also information that may be very helpful to advanced entrepreneurs (especially navigating family dynamics when your business is really taking off). Whether you want to review the basics or set your sights on the next level, this video is here to inspire and support you.

Bonus Videos

Thanks for checking out the Bonus Videos page!  These are mostly videos that I sell to the general public, with the exception of the webinar on getting clients.  Clients at my office also like viewing these videos between sessions; the videos are also used by therapists and trainees who want to watch firsthand how I "talk" to clients.  Please feel free to watch these videos yourself if you'd like to learn more about the way I approach high functioning clients.  I hope you enjoy!  - Chloe



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