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ProfitablePractices.net wants you to be happy with your purchase. If you are not satisfied with your purchase of the video course, you can request a full refund within 7 days, no questions asked. Refunds for document purchases are not possible due to the nature of the transaction- once you have received the documents you purchased, you will not be able to return them. Similarly, the Practice in a Box is non-refundable because it includes access to the entire suite of documents for sale, which are not refundable. By providing us your phone number on checkout, you agree to receive SMS/text messages from us. We hope and trust you will be pleased with your purchase and the investment you're making in your practice!

Documents such as contracts, email templates, policy manuals, and other materials are for informational purposes only. If you're considering using them in your practice please be sure to check with your local state licensing board or other governing bodies to confirm the content of these materials is accordance with your legal and ethical requirements. Video products and related materials will be available for viewing for six months from purchase date, but that may not be downloaded or otherwise distributed. Materials such as videos and documents are purchased for your use only and may not be resold or redistributed beyond use within your own private practice. Webinars and online workshops offered by Profitable Practices will be recorded and the recording is the sole exclusive right of Dr. Chloe Carmichael. You are prohibited to record or resell these recordings. Additionally, webinars and online workshops are limited in attendance. Therefore, refunds are not possible due to the need for planning purposes of attendance.

The monthly group coaching calls, the alumni listserv, the documents for purchase, and any other forms of interaction with Dr. Chloe or with ProfitablePractices should not be considered as professional supervision or as legal or professional advice. These resources are for informational purposes only.  You should consult with your local and/or state and/or federal licensing boards to confirm any ethical or legal issues pertinent to your situation.



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