Social Media 101 Workshop for Therapists


Time Table

Topic Time discussed:
Hashtag Usage 0:10:10
The Benefits of Social Media 0:17:45
Identifying Platforms 0:54:50
4 Types of Social Media Post 1:01:23
Blog Generation Ideas 1:03:07
Automating Your Social Media 1:06:30
Promoting Your Social Media Post – Defining Your Interest 1:08:55
How to Promote to The Media 1:13:30
How to ‘Court’ The Media 1:16:41
Ways to Expand Your Target Market and How to Expand Your Network by Expanding Your Identity 1:20:38
How to Take a Personal Photo and Engage Your Professional Audience 1:21:40
phoneBlogging - Why & How 1:32:54
Writing a Blog 1:37:03
Using a Blog Service or Tool 1:51:23
Blogging – Best Practices 2:00:06
Blog Structure 2:01:26
Sample Content Calendar – to Get Your Juices Flowing 2:14:23
Brainstorming – Topics to Consider 2:15:00
Newsletters & Email – Who is Your Audience 2:33:42
How to Create Your Client Prototype 2:42:17
How to Promote Your Posts 2:51:45
Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media 2:57:40



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