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Hello, visitors! Please see note below from Monika Hoyt. This could be a nice opportunity for the right person. Best of luck, and I hope you find the modules helpful as you build your dream practice.

Job posting from Monika to visitors:

I am seeking a therapist or relationship coach to provide remote coaching sessions for 20 hours per week on an hourly basis. This position involves no hustling for clients, no insurance paperwork, minimal documentation/tracking, and no overhead. The hours are completely flexible and you can work from home.

I am a therapist and relationship coach, and I run an intensive group coaching program for individuals who are in a long-term committed relationship that is on the brink or really struggling. It’s called The Couple’s Cure: Miraculous Recovery for Relationships on the Brink. This program is a radical inside-out change curriculum designed to break out of old patterns and create healthy, authentic relationships. The content and coaching are geared towards teaching clients how to: clear out old limiting beliefs at the subconscious level; become conscious of their life dreams (versus unmet needs from childhood); create true emotional connection; maintain healthy boundaries; and communicate in non-blaming ways. The premise is that they can transform their relationship by changing their own part in entrenched dynamics, and ultimately get on the same team with their partner.

The program has four tiers of support: an online self-study component; a private, members-only Facebook support group with daily support; twice-weekly 90-minute group coaching calls (held by me); and 12 hours of private sessions throughout the six months program. These private hours can be broken down into 24 half-hour sessions as well.

I have just hired two enrollment coaches, so the number of people entering my program is increasing. Due to time constraints, I am unable to provide the individual sessions myself any longer. Therefore, I am looking for somebody who would like to take these 1:1 coaching calls (via phone, zoom or Skype).

My ideal coach/therapist will be my right-hand person in supporting these clients. I am looking for somebody who is interested in helping people create healthy relationships and can be an inspiration to the clients to keep up with their lessons and stay in action towards their goals. Much of this work is supporting mindset and belief work, answering questions about the lessons, and holding and empathetic space. My orientation is a combination of clinical and holistic approaches.

If reading this makes you feel excited about this opportunity, please reach out to me at Please let me know why you are interested in this position and attach a resume as well. Then I can set up interviews from there.

Thank you,
Monica Hoyt



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