Crossing the Finish Line: Turning Soft Inquiries into Solid Bookings

Presented by Dr. Chloe Carmichael

Many therapists struggle to navigate inquiries from potential new high functioning clients. Let expert psychologist and million dollar practice owner Dr. Chloe Carmichael show you how she does it! In this webinar, you will learn all of the points below:

- Why free 15 minute calls are a business booster (and a great screening tool!)
- How to start the call
- How to end the call
- How to quickly build rapport with high functioning clients
- How to get deep enough to establish a good potential working relationship, yet avoid going beyond the scope of a brief inquiry
- How to gently signal that it's time to either book a paid visit with you, or say goodbye
- How to screen the calls
- Why and how to refer (hint: it boosts your business if you do it right!)
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