ProfitablePractices Ambassador Program

Are you interested in helping to promote Great! We'd love your support. Many therapists struggle with the concept of striving to create a profitable practice, so we need all the help we can get to bring our message to the masses. Whether you're a young therapist-in-training who is seeking to break free from our profession's old patterns of business struggles, or a seasoned therapist looking back and realizing how much you wish you'd known of a program like ours earlier, we'd love to have you aboard! The program is great for students who wish to learn more about the business of private practice, as well as therapists in private practice seeking ways to augment their income... or anyone else who has a natural context within the field of private practice.


As a brand ambassador, you will get:

  • Free access to all videos
  • Free access to the monthly group coaching calls
  • 50% of any sales resulting from links you share



Get instant access to to my "Secrets from a Million Dollar Practice" 1-hour webinar for $129 FREE.

 Access the on-demand 1-hour webinar
The Building Blocks of a Profitable Practice ebooklet
 Periodic emails with practic growing tips and events

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